Willis A. Pellerin founded our company in 1921, after a successful sales career in the sewing machine industry. He noticed that many of his dry-cleaning and commercial laundry customers were looking for improvements in their equipment choices, that existing distributors were unwilling to seek out and offer. Many of these improvements, as he chronicled them later, had to do with ease of operation and increased productivity.

Mr. Pellerin built his company by listening and responding to such customer needs and by developing cost-saving techniques for them.

In 1921, for example, commercial washing machines were still wooden drums. In large laundries, all of the machines were attached to a common motor. If one machine operated, they all operated. On the other hand, if one did not, none of them did. Therefore, one early innovation was to offer machines with individual drives, which allowed for flexibility in loading and production scheduling.

Since 1985, Curtis Pellerin has led the company.

Today we have sales and service representatives covering Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Western Tennessee, the Florida Panhandle, and Texas. We operate out of offices in Kenner (New Orleans), Louisiana and Grand Prairie, Texas.

Microprocessor control technology and other similar improvements have helped us to provide equipment and capabilities that “Mr. W.A.” could only dream of in 1921.

However, his words from the early years of this company are true still today:

“Every decision made for a laundry should reflect an improvement-both production wise and profit-wise. More revenue per square foot of floor space, smoother work flow, greater profits-these we offer through complete laundry analysis, efficient layouts and the proper cost-cutting equipment to do the right job.”

From the beginning, his goal was to provide the best possible value to his customers. We recognize that providing value is the basis for continuing our success.